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Dontworryimnoone: I felt so pumped, so ontop of everything
Dontworryimnoone: Then I walked in here
Dontworryimnoone: and only felt like watching cartoons.
Dontworryimnoone: Life.
Dontworryimnoone: In 4 IMs


"Life just isn't like the movies is it? We're constantly lead to believe in resolution, in the restablishment of the ideal status quo and it's.. It's just not true. Happy endings are a myth designed to make us feel better about the fact that life is a thankless struggle."

Once upon a time

I had a life worth posting about.

The ides of March

I've been told I vent too much

And she's probably right.

So what do I do now ? I mean, I'll be honest with you. Not a whole lot happens on my average day that's worth reporting. Sure, I have a lot of neat thoughts that come in and out in any given day, but they're almost all tethered closely to context and "you had to be there" moments that make sharing them on a live journal... Well... Inorganic. 

"What shall we do, to those empty spaces?"

lol Live Journal.

Anyone who knows me online at all should know, I am God AWFUL with updating these things... So this shouldn't come as a surprise : I'm going to be pretty busy the next couple of days preparing for my return to the Great North (University of Rhode Island)  and getting settled there.

See you when I remember to stop forgetting about you.
I know there is never a good time to quit, but christ now feels like a horrible time to quit smoking. Never will be a good one though. I just gotta keep reminding myself that.

Ultimately though, I know I'll never be able to 100% quit. I know people who only smoke socially. Only smoke when they can bum a smoke off someone else, or only smoke when they drink and only drink on occasion. I want that.
Quitting anything is actually kind of fun. Just in the sense that the times in your life when you're quitting something you're actually getting credit for NOT doing something. If my life was full of bad habits and I quit them all at once, I'd find myself both doing nothing at all, and yet, I'll be improving.