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 Soul Calibur IV   Be back later. Much later.
I always appreciated semi-controlable altered states. I've never "tripped" as the kids say, but anything that makes your perception of things completely different for a limited amount of time can't be ALL bad, or at least that's my philosophy.  That being said, I seem to have a weak case of some condition that must exist somewhere. When I get sick, I tend to, like almost everyone else, fight it as much as I can at first. But, if I can afford the time off to just rest as much as possible and take whatever means I can to make myself feel better, I eventually begin to identify with my sickness and in some... odd way, love it a little. I name it, and depending on my mood and surrondings, either keep track of who the sickness ( MY sickness ) spreads to and who it spreads to after that (Keep in mind, I have never ever in my life tried to make another person sick) or try visciously to keep myself withdrawn and document on some level my sickness.

The best part of being sick though, to me, is the delirium that comes with fevers. I always loved dreaming, and would give almost anything to have fully functional dreams while awake by will (Day dreaming just doesn't have the same vividness and is always too bound to my concious imagination). Fever deliriums are as close as i've ever gotten so far though. It's kind of like that feeling you get when being suddenly woken from a deep sleep. That groggy still half dreaming half reality, it comes and goes WITHOUT the aide of sleep in some of my fevers. What bothers me the most though, is that just when I imagine my homeostasis is being held hostage by a virus or infection and I'm developing stockholme syndrome is usually the point where my fever starts to break... Just like it's breaking now : ( 

Goodbye Cynica, I'll miss you.

July 20th 2008 - July 24th 2008
Things I learned from my recent RI trip :

Colds need no reason to exist. They just come and go as they please.

If anyone ever lets you down, they have no right to your trust.  Any trust you do give them should be considered a privilege, and a delicate one at that. Betrayals should only be forgiven when that someone pleasently surprises you (One betrayal of trust forgiven for each one pleasant surprise), but should NEVER be forgotten.

RedBull and empty stomachs do not mix ( I, luckily, learned that vicariously).

No more raves. No more clubs. None of that, unless the situation strongly calls for it. And I mean Strongly..

Conversations about WoW can be fun for 10 minutes, but have a creepy tendency to run away with themselves.

The fastest way to make people feel better about any embarassment is to share your very worst.

Make sure your updates end with a punchline.
So I hear that the Live Journal community has been dead and buried for almost 2 years now? Is this true ? All the same. I've been writing in a mostly empty note pad lately anyways, so what's the difference right ?  At least I know one person who posts here frequently anyways.

Hello Charlie.

Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow. I missed RI so much, but I'll be back tomorrow. Only for a few days, but I'll be back for a while once September comes around again. I feel like a different person. Different than the last time I was there anyways. I wonder if they will notice too ?

Why is the curious face so sad ? Curiosity should not be a sad thing..