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arantingrabbit's Journal

25 September 1984
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I'm a 20 something psych student in RI (NJ during the summer).

I don't know too much of what to say about myself. I'm at a point in my life where I'm looking back on the past decade and saying "Hey, that was fun, but it's time for something new". I don't know what traits will stick around, or if anything will change at all. Overall I'm a work in progress. I guess we all are, but for now I'm paying way more attention to that fact than I assume most would.

I can appreciate damn near any person in life. Any one who seems unbearable is only a victim of the circumstances they encountered, a factor of their losses, defeats, and pain. Empathy and understanding for all. That being said however.... I still try to avoid the following kinds of people because it's usually real hard for me to stand them for prolonged periods of time: Jingoists, overtly racist people, people who use the words "Fail" or "That's what she said!" more than 5 times a day, prudes, know it alls, know nothings, and "juggalos".

People I seek : Thinkers, day dreamers, the mildly insane, lonely people, people who are eternally young in their attitudes, people who seemed to prematurely age, people adept at body language, People with unusual hobbies, zombie enthusiasts, people with vivid dream recollection (Interesting dreams a plus, but not entirely necessary), non snobby film buffs, insomniacs, sleep walkers, and many more.